DAVER SA Security Officer

location: Soweto Gauteng

Job Description

This position is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment for the people. This may include securing premises by monitoring surveillance equipment or by patrolling activities. The VIP (Security) Officer is expected to prevent loss and theft and report any irregularities or suspicious acts.


- VIP (Security) Officer must be present 15 minutes before the Branch opens. - Branch Manager or Senior Team leader will open the Branch in the presence of the VIP (Security) Officer. - VIP (Security) Officer need to ensure they conduct a perimeter patrol before the Branch opens. - Charge the batteries overnight so that they are useable from the beginning of your shift. - Ensure all panic button and two-way radios are in good working conditions and keep safely

Qualifications and Experience

- Grade C. - Computer Literate. - 1 – 2 year’s Security experience. - Registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). - Valid driver’s licence.

How To Apply


closing date: 29 August 2022